Thursday, July 19, 2007

Workin' Summer Style

Detail from painting, and Drawings from new film "Masks".

It's summertime now, that means everyone is cramming to finish work for the fall, whether it's a gallery exhibition, or a film festival deadline (all the big one's have deadlines around or close to October). I'm cramming for both. In addition, summer has always been a busy time for commercial work, a good thing, but it's tough to be animating a commercial while more exciting projects are a few feet away begging for attention. A heavy workload can be tough this time of year because most of us take off on friday for weekends outside of the city (a survival tactic). I'm no exception, I drive every week up to Montauk, where I can do work outside of my studio (and larger pieces within my garage, the Tribeca studio has no freight elevator), as well as go to the beach and actually have a life outside of Tribeca.