Monday, May 19, 2008

Pratt Animation Show May 27th...

It's that time of year again, when my animation students at Pratt Institute showcase their films that they have been working on all year. This year you won't want to miss some of these talented students. Pratt Animation Show, Anthology Film Archives, 2nd Ave. and 2nd Street, New York City, Tuesday May 27th, 8pm
I think all the films came out quite well. My personal favorites are "Sea People" by animator Maya edelman. Maya depicts a beach scenario filled with distasteful freaks, and a lone, humble girl who tries to coexist in peace. Mayas style has been developing over the last few years, and she's really pulled it together for her thesis production.
Another worth noting is Isam Prados, "Fish Have No Feelings" (pictured above), a dark and disturbing tale about a young womans struggle as a captive in a marriage, and her actions to free herself. I'm sure you will see more of Isam's work in the coming years. Other's that catch the eye is the bizarre "Adventures in Broccoli" by Dan Mountain. Several other great films by the very talented Chris Ko and Jen Lee, both interns of mine from last semester. The very experimental work of Javen Ivey, who has been assisting the animator PES this semester, and his association with such a talented pro has really rubbed off on his own work. Also, the graphic flash animation of Nathan Gooden, and a dramatic folk tale by Andrew Iyageh are both worth noting. And Jonathan Denny offers the sole stop motion from my class, and there's many more! So please try to attend, and please let the students know what you think of their works.