Thursday, September 25, 2008

That was a busy summer...

You know, i always forget to talk about what me and my studio are up to. This has been a busy summer (not that i'm short on montauk beach excursions). We've been slammed with a commision of nine segments for the new Electric Company for Sesame St. workshop. I know I slag off doing projects for kids, but i really enjoyed animating these.
In addition to the Electric Company Job, we've been busy on a number of fine art commisions, including a colossal mural for the new Salvation Army headquarters in Manhattan, a project that i'm really excited about.
Recently, we just wrapped up a music video for Disney featuring the bird filled "Tiki Room" (above). It was a fun project because I love the challenges of animating along side live action characters. We also did several segments of a childrens music video for "Ralph's World", another Disney show, both were done through Ghost Robot productions. ALSO we animated a Three minute video for Samantics Productions, kind of a jazzy school house rock type thing.

And, as always, on the forefront is a new independent animated film, which I've mentioned very often, the film "Masks", a collaboration with the composer of "Drink", Karl vonKries. We had a sneak preview of it last week at Marthas Vinyard Film Festival, and I was stoked about the reaction it got. It's by far my best work. What are you up to?