Monday, December 1, 2008

Jim Phillips Skate Art Books... i'm obsessed.

I bought the book, Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips the other day and have not put it down. It throws me back to when I was in middle school and got my first jolt of artistic inspiration. There's so many images in this book that I haven't seen since i was 13. The book, for me, is a nostalgic trip, covering a really cool time of my life, and giving me a style to shoot for that is obvious to this day, 20 some years later. Pick this book up if you can, it's truly a great addition to any library, especially if you want to get a grasp of where my little gen and culture came from. Other books you also may want to check out, Surf Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips, another must have, and also The Rock Posters of Jim Phillips. All fantastic collections of this very prolific graphic artist. His studios website is Here.