Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutting the cord...

I've moved to the other side of the planet...I've joined the faculty at New York University's graduate program in Singapore (Tisch-Asia), under artistic director Oliver Stone. I'll be continuing work on 3 films that I have been busy with for the past few years which NYU is helping me immensely with. Also, I'm stoked to be teaching again, to be invigorated by that enthusiasm that students have, and professionals sometimes lose sight of. I'm joined here by so many talented filmmakers, namely Todd Solondz(Happiness, Welcome to the Doll House), Allan Nicholls(A Wedding, A Perfect Couple), Jennifer Ruff (Boys don't cry, y tu mama tambien), my old buddy from MTV, Matt Sheridan... and so many more. (below photo, Patrick Smith with NYU Faculty members visiting the temple ruins in Cambodia)It's with a lot of sadness that I have left New York City, Sometimes we need to radically change our surroundings, and "cut the cord" from what we know, if we are to move forward. Staying in the same place has never really agreed with me, and it's been a nearly a decade in my Tribeca studio, Blend Films.

"Hand Drawn Animation has gone through a shift within the medium itself. Now dominated by digital input devices, Hand Drawn Animation has become a less rigid art form, opening itself up to a new unexplored world of production methods, styles, and exhibition choices. The classical principles of animation and the drawn form, put forth by the masters of the medium, have become even more vital to the curriculum as we bring the medium into new arenas beyond simply entertainment. I teach the classical techniques of drawing in motion, gaining insight to observe and record the world in motion that exists around us all".
-Patrick Smith, Animator

I will keep in touch, stand by for some big blog news... a collaboration!