Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overlooked: Flowers from "The Wall"...

This sexually charged flower scene from the wall is one fine piece of animation. I really think that a good piece of animation has more to do with the overall IDEA than it does with STORY. Story is nice if you're telling a long tale to kids, but expressing an IDEA is acting more of a painter, and less of an entertainer. Leave character antics aside, leave jokes, gags, all that crap. it's the concept that has the punch. It's also the visual display that works here. People have asked me where I got the idea for "DRINK", and honestly, although this may be a let down, I simply wanted to draw something cool, something that would express a simple idea and would look rad. This piece from "The Wall" is interesting to me personally because i usually shy away from overtly sexual content, i think it's easy. But this goes beyond simple sex content, and really explores the STRUGGLE that is always inherently present during a sexual relationship.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saturday Screening of "PUPPET", NYC...

Come out and see my last film "Puppet" screening at the New York Downtown Film Festival this Saturday, Feb. 16th, 8pm. DUO Theatre 62 East 4th St., East Village. Should be a good show. See you there!

Photos from Riot Opening...

The show was packed, despite the insane snow. Riot is an incredible space, and really knows how to throw a party. The biggest thank you of the night goes out to Riot's event coordinator Dean Mathiesen.
So, pictured above is me (name in way too large lettering) with rocking animators from Pratt, from left, Lee Rubinstein, Katie Cropper, Manny Rodriguez, Maya Edelman, Isam Prado, and Anthony Lamberti.
Above is me, Noelle Vaccese, and animator Arthur Metcalf. Big thanks to Noelle, my fab assistant, who saved my life this past week.
Here is a photo of animator Bill Plympton, me, Sarah Phelps, animator PES, writer Amid Amidi, and leaning into the show is no other than writer/artist CC Edwards.
Patrick Smith and Barbara Kearney. Barbara was my first ever (totally over-qualified) assistant, back in 2004, and now she has gone to become a big shot at Technicolor, I was stoked she made it to the opening. The show will be up through March, Please let Dean Mathiesen, or Noelle Vaccese know if you want to come by and view the paintings.

Monday, February 11, 2008

RIOT PSmith Gallery Show...

Photo: from my show last sept., standing in front of Colossus! If you're in New York, please come by RIOT Tuesday night to view over 10 new paintings, and drink the night away! (well, kind of, it ends at 10) I'll be showing several large canvas's as well as plywood "street art" cut outs. I just got back from the space, and it's looking pretty dang nice! So I hope to see some of you bloggers there, and def say hi, I have a special gift for anyone who tells me they came because of this blog! ciao- patrick.

Monday, February 4, 2008

NYC Performer Reggie Watts....

I saw this dude in a variety show here in Tribeca last month, and it was insane. He's a brilliant experimental musician, and his stuff just pulls you in. it's totally addictive. I'll try to describe his stuff... it's a mixture of human beat box, pop culture movie references, comedy and improv, with some kind of sampler machine. I was blown away to learn that he does most of his stuff add lib. and most importantly, it's just some groovin' home grown beats. really, check this dude out. In addition, I was walking down Rivington st the other night with Amid Amidi and we bumped into him and his buddies, i told him his stuff was nuts, and he seemed like a legit fella. i'd kill to collaborate with this dude. I'm borderline obsessed with experimental music like this, partly due to my collaboration with Karl vonKries for "Masks", which is going well. ciao