Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pinocchio, Puppet, and Disney

I threw together these drawings for comparison (fairly bold i think, putting my drawings up there with Disney masters, but anyway). And next to that, somewhat related, is a great photo of Disney animators John Ripa, myself, and Randy Haycock during a visit last year.

This famous sequence from Pinocchio really helped me figure out the "burst" of the hand puppet coming out of the kids chest in "Puppet" click here for movie. Disney films are just the best reference for animation, if you're trying to figure out something, they've already done it, and better than you could ever possibly do (and almost 70 years ago to boot).

These drawings are grabbed from a pencil test sequence re-shot a while back by Andreas Deja, given to me by a buddy of mine at Disney. I have a strange fascination with Disney, although I never wish to work there, I admire Disney animators (classic and current) to an idol worshipping extent.