Friday, October 26, 2007

Mulan on my iPhone.

One of the many rocking things about the iPhone is watching movies on the train. Granted, not the best way to watch a film, but makes the trip go by quickly.

"Mulan" is just never talked about and I'm not sure why. It's truly a great film. That said, you have to put up with the 90's Disney injection of unnecessary gags at almost every point, but overall, it's a really strong film that didn't get all that much attention. Mulan is a top notch heroin, the Huns are scary as hell, and even the little dragon Mushu (voiced by Eddie Murphy) gets some laughs out of you. And you gotta love the simplicity of the story: Chick pretends to be a dude in order to fight in place of her ailing father. "Mulan" has some great animation by some of my favorites, Mark Henn (Muland and Fa Zhou), Ruben Aquino (Shang and Fa Li), Tom Bancroft (Mushu), Aaron Blaise(the ancestors, some really great work!), and Alexander Kupershmidt (Khan).