Thursday, November 8, 2007

LUPO the Butcher in Cartoons from HELL!

Danny Antonucci's 1987 classic short "Lupo the Butcher" is a new addition to "Cartoons from Hell" showing this friday at the Northampton film festival. It's cool hanging out with Danny because, outside of being awesome, his work for MTV in the early 90's influenced me a hell of a lot. After he did "Lupo", he did a series of MTV ID spots in the same style, and then went on to do the under-rated and universally condemned show "Brothers Grunt" which I thought was rad. If you can't make it to Northampton tomorrow, you can watch it on youtube here (total mutilation of a classic, but oh well). So, when I programmed the first "Cartoons from Hell" for Platform Animation Festival, i got an email from him saying "what's wrong Pat, LUPO not hellish enough for you?". here's an epic interview with Danny in Annecy. dang there's a lot of links on this post.