Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update on "Masks"

I wrote this blurb for an upcoming interview with Animation Magazine:
The studio is busy with my next independent short, "Masks", a traditionally animated collaboration with recording artist Karl von Kries, who did the score for my first film "Drink" back in 1999. I told him to write and perform a type of score that tells a bizarre visual story, and I would illustrate whatever images came to mind. Actually, I believe I told him to "consult the devil" if he thought that would make it more interesting. He went on to give me one of the most twisted and intense audio tracks I've ever heard, so now I'm animating some truly disturbing and strange animation to match. It's basically a warped "Fantasia", using experimental contemporary music instead of classical. The result has been the tightest story I've ever thought up, using imagery and animation that has really been pushing my limits as an artist. I've showed some pencil tests to a few people, and the general reaction can be summed up with the quote "that's some fucked up shit man". My producer thinks I'm on drugs, and my girlfriend doesn't trust me anymore. Look for it in 2008, I think it will stand out a bit.