Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Singapore...

It's been over a week since my arrival, the NYU-Asia hosted Master Class I'm teaching is going well, the graduate level students are very talented. It's also great to be back in southeast asia, although I had forgotten how hot it is here. The university is hosting a program of my short films this friday which should be fun. Other than work, I've had a lot of time to walk around this city aimlessly with some of the faculty and students. Matt Sheridan, an old buddy of mine from MTV teaches here full time, and it's great to catch up with him, we ate fish head curry the other night. I was also able to hang out with Lucas Films Animation director, Rob Coleman. Another highlight, photo above, was walking through one of the last traditional villages in singapore, a place called Kampong Lorong, which is about to be razed by the government to build more project-like high rise homes.
Photo above is Lucas Films Rob Coleman, Patrick Smith, and NYU-Asia dept head Jean-Marc Gauthier.