Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Greetings!

I ran into a bunch of my old MTV friends at a party the other night, my birthday came up in conversation (it's next week) and I was reminded of all the cool art and cards I've gotten over the years. here's a small sample of them.This first one (above) is one of my favorites, Bill Plympton gave me this card four years ago, I had just finished my film "Handshake" and he had just finished "Guard Dog", so he threw the two characters together for this card! it's one of my treasured pieces of art. Bill also did a great thank you card for staying at my place in montauk, I will post it soon!
These two cards above are two of many I got while working at MTV. The studio had a tradition of giving cards to everyone on their Bday, it would get passed around and everyone would contribute a drawing. Then that person would get wods of paper whipped at them by everyone, which was occasionally pretty painful, but you'd get a cool card out of it!
This one goes all the way back to Beavis and Butthead, and The Head. Brian Moore was the artist I'm pretty sure.
This one was from when I was directing on "Downtown", a show that had a truly talented crew, the colorful image in the character "Goat" drawn most likely by Dave Vandervort.