Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Delivery" reality in animation...

"This is a wordless and darkly comic piece that turns no action longueurs into the heartbeat of a diabolical comic timing, deftly rendering suspense out of the spaces between movements and expressions."-Animation World Magazine.
If an anvil falls on the head of one of my characters, that character WILL DIE. Furthermore, there will be repercussions of that death, regret, rage, or sadness. So many animated concepts get lost in the "unreal", from talking animals to fairy dust, animation needs a jolt of reality. I've posted my 2003 film "Delivery" HERE to hammer in my point (it's for sale on my site, this is a freebie for you bloggers. it's not even on youtube!). The first version was very graphic when the brother is murdered, lots of blood, and even a dangling spine. I redid it with a somewhat bloodness neck snap, and it became even more twisted and sick than all the blood could have accomplished. "Delivery" premiered at the Slamdance film festival in Park City, 2003, and was a winner at the 2003 ASIFA-East Animation Festival(Association Internationale du Film d' Animation).