Monday, January 14, 2008

This poster bothers me....

I don't get offended. being offended is for the weak and unsure. but there's something basically wrong with the movie posters covering nyc right now, for the film "Cloverfield". I love disaster flicks as much as the next fella, but this imagery is too reminiscent(and exploitive) of that sept. day that still looms in my, and every other new yorkers mind. those of us who stood on rooftops and witnessed the unthinkable. unclaimed cars and airplane parts, there is still plaster debris wedged into the corners of the studios fire escape. so why does a filmmaker feel the need to depict ground zero in ashes again? this blog says it better than i can. and also, a great article in the New York Times. I don't mind movies that depict the destruction of NYC, it's just that this one happens to use the exact location of the attacks. or maybe i should just chill out and realize that it's only entertainment. The Boston Globe said it best:

“The best thing for New York might be the sight of King Kong tramping through the streets of Manhattan on his way to a fateful appointment at the top of the Empire State Building,” Mr. Page wrote. “For if there is one thing that symbolizes New York’s pre-eminence, it is that so many still want to imagine the city’s end.”