Monday, January 28, 2008

Great "Star Wars" post by Mark Kennedy...

Mark Kennedy nails it once again, with possibly the best crit of this 70's masterpiece I've ever read. Star Wars is just such a brilliant film in so many ways, and Mark points several things that will really get you thinking about the elements that make quality visual storytelling. "Star Wars" is one of those movies that I think every filmmaker should watch every year. right along with pulp fiction, ET, and the shawshank redemption:)... maybe american history x for the curb stomping scene.

"Most people think a flowery exchange of dialogue between two characters or a long monologue from an actor to the audience is what "great writing" is but I totally disagree. Ninety-five percent of writing is structuring the events of the story correctly so that they are in the right order, build properly and resolve themselves in a satisfying (and hopefully surprising) way" -Mark Kennedy